OpenID @ Social - The Social Revolution

Let's talk about socializing! Let your users connect with their friends in other networks, see their updates, interact and communicate ... all on your site. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, Friendster, Yahoo,, Youtube, Flickr ...

This plugin includes full Facebook Connect functionality and extends it beyond imaginable

Publish phpfox activities and update phpfox status to all the networks with 1-click and smart interface. Backlinks to your site will skyrocket the traffic and increase the signup rate.

Any network, Any time, right on your site - user can easily connect to any other network even after signing up, and allow autopublishing of the phpfox status and activities (such as creating new blog, uploading photos, creating a quiz, etc)

Use the power of your user base to virally market your site via social graph - friends, friends of the friends. Together with the Perfect Social Marketing Platform and social interaction, this will make your website traffic explode and users will flock to your site.

Huge list of social / openid services (32 and counting) allows frictionless signup experience. Let your user bring his friends along, easily communicate with them and he will feel instantly at home.

Deep statistics allows you to see information about the links bringing traffic to your site from the social networks, see the top links and detailed statistics about your site "social health".

Note: Sending messages to Facebook friends doesn't currently work. Facebook disabled notifications API with promise to create alternative method. When there will be an alternative method, it will be implemented instantly. Currently Sending Messages work for Twitter and LinkedIn friends.

Note Update: Sending messages to Facebook currently uses experimental method and allows sending messages to users online facebook friends.


This software as a service solution provides a comprehensive secure communication between your phpfox installation and the 3rd party services (such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, ...). The secure OAuth technology allows your users to securely login via these services on the official respective websites, which means login credentials (password) are not passed through this service.

No user personal information is neither used or stored permanently.

Assisting structured data for users, such as "friends", "newsfeed" may be temporary cached for brief periods for performance reasons only and is automatically and periodically removed.

DEMO: V2 demo


  • Quickly communicate with your friends - user can send an instant message notification and see what they are up to.
  • Deep Statistics for admin on all the activities and traffic - see which of the links come from which network, track the top referring links, find the top links, see who published them. Check your social engagement - all without leaving the comfort of your AdminCP.
  • Supports subscriptions during signup
  • Extensive AdminCP Help & FAQ page to guide you using this module
  • Import social profile data, full name, location, timezone, gender, birthday, movies, ...
  • Admin can easily customize feed story templates from admincp
  • Custom "Browse Users" page - Admin can see users signed up via openid / social networks
  • Localization - admin can select language for facebook dialogs
  • Invitation message can be edited via AdminCP
  • Easy Facebook application setup - all special parameters are automatic updated via admincp
  • Friendly parameters for easy feed story customization
  • Customizing feed story - change user message, feed story title, custom links and description
  • Automatic Facebook Logout button (As required by Facebook TOS)
  • Single Sign On / Instant Login
  • Invite Facebook Friends
  • See which of your facebook friends are still not here - great invitation teaser!
  • Connect Facebook to exising phpfox account
  • Import facebook profile photo
  • Signup and import all available profile data and user picture from many OpenID Providers
  • Fully Customizable signup process - require TOS, show gender, birthday, etc
  • Import Extended profile data - interests, movies, hobbies, education, etc
  • Easily map imported profile data fields to PhpFox fields, such as about me, movies, interests, etc
  • Publishing activities - show preview / approve dialog before publishing (As required by Facebook TOS)
  • Publishing activities back to all the connected networks - facebook, myspace, twitter, yahoo ...

    • Creating new Group
    • Creating new Event
    • Posting a new Blog Entry
    • Posting a new Video
    • Uploading new photos
    • Uploading new photos to album
    • Creating forum thread
    • Posting forum reply
    • Creating a new Poll
    • Creating a new Quiz
    • Uploading new music songs
    • Creating a new Marketplace Listing
    • Posting a new Bulletin
    • Signing Up
    • Uploading a user photo
  • Smart Delayed publishing
    Customize event, group, marketplace etc with further details before publishing to Facebook (For example upload photo to a group)
  • User can select which stories can be published / not to Facebook
  • Automatic user status update phpfox -> Facebook
  • User can disconnect his account from phpfox website (As required by Facebook TOS)
  • Admin can customize landing page after quick signup - invite page or dashboard
  • Optional - integrate openid icons on registration page
  • No special libraries requirements (works without CURL,etc)
  • Full Branding - create a strong brand presence by creating an application with your logo on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc
  • Huge list of Supported OpenID / Social Service providers

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Latest Version: 2.00
Requires: PhpFox 2.04