Facebook Connect / OpenID

Facebook Connect plugin for PhpFox allows you (website owner) to tap into the huge userbase of the popular facebook.com website, increase interaction and signup rates by simplifying the signup process, boost social traffic to your website from facebook.com by broadcasting user activities back to facebook.

Easy Signup and publishing social activities back to facebook.

Significantly reduce signup friction by introducing OpenID providers instead of forcing users to create new account.

DEMO: V2 demo


Facebook Connect

  • Extensive AdminCP Help & FAQ page to guide you using this module
  • Import facebook profile data, full name, location, timezone, gender, birthday, ...
  • Admin can easily customize feed story templates from admincp
  • Custom "Browse Users" page - Admin can see users signed up via openid
  • Localization - admin can select language for facebook dialogs
  • Invitation message can be edited via AdminCP
  • Easy Facebook application setup - all special parameters are automatic updated via admincp
  • Friendly parameters for easy feed story customization
  • Customizing feed story - change user message, feed story title, custom links and description
  • Automatic Facebook Logout button (As required by Facebook TOS)
  • Single Sign On / Instant Login
  • Invite Facebook Friends
  • See which of your facebook friends are still not here - great invitation teaser!
  • Connect Facebook to exising phpfox account
  • Import facebook profile photo
  • Publishing activities - show preview / approve dialog before publishing (As required by Facebook TOS)
  • Publishing activities back to facebook

    • Creating new Group
    • Creating new Event
    • Posting a new Blog Entry
    • Posting a new Video
    • Uploading new photos
    • Uploading new photos to album
    • Creating forum thread
    • Posting forum reply
    • Creating a new Poll
    • Creating a new Quiz
    • Uploading new music songs
    • Creating a new Marketplace Listing
    • Posting a new Bulletin
    • Signing Up
    • Uploading a user photo
  • Smart Delayed publishing
    Customize event, group, marketplace etc with further details before publishing to Facebook (For example upload photo to a group)
  • User can select which stories can be published / not to Facebook
  • Automatic user status update phpfox -> Facebook
  • User can disconnect his account from phpfox website (As required by Facebook TOS)
  • Admin can customize landing page after quick signup - invite page or dashboard
  • Optional - integrate openid icons on registration page
  • No special libraries requirements (works without CURL,etc)

Price: $69
(Wait! Are you sure you won't miss the advanced features?)

Facebook Connect + OpenID + Social


Latest Version: 1.00
Requires: PhpFox 2.02